Save your Current GPS Position, and check in the positions history if it made it into the list. If the accuraccy is not precise enough for you, wait until you get a better GPS reception (buildings around you?) and hit the save button again.


After walking around, when you need to return, click 'Find the Way Back', and the App will try to find a route back to your last saved location.


Walk back, look around and find the location back that you saved before. You can also pick any other location from your positions history. Note that the App uses online Maps and will use your data connection.

See the screenshots

Below a couple of images of what you can expect in the App. Best method, of course, is just to download and start using the App. Save your location, find the route back or look at your history.

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  • The Way Back is so easy, I will never lose my way again.
    My Mom
  • Sometimes when I am out shopping, I forget which street to take back to the car. The Way Back remembers that for me
    My Neighbor
  • Awesome. Don't know how I used to live without it.

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